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Redemption Art Mission

The mission of Redemption Art is to restore people, relationships, and communities through art. If something is in need of restoration, the implication is that it has been broken. Redemption Art's foundational belief is that people are broken and in great need of restoration. Once there is restoration, transformation of people, relationships, and communities can occur.

Redemption Art aims to be an effective tool in the restoration process by first creating trusting relationships through art, regardless of race, age, culture, or socioeconomic status. From these relationships, Redemption Art seeks to help bring about restoration in people’s lives.

One of the ways Redemption Art fulfills its mission is by functioning as a "Business as Mission." Business as Mission is a term to describe the use of business as a tool for holistic transformation in people and in communities by addressing needs of the mind, body, spirit, specifically for the advancement of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically, Redemption Art partners with Making Roots (www.makingroots.org), an organization that serves and empowers people in Haiti for the purpose of their holistic transformation.

Redemption Art Conception

Redemption Art began in 2006. The artist, Caitlin Beidler, studied at the University of Ulster art school in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2001 during her college studies at University of Richmond, which began her pursuit of art. She graduated from University of Richmond in 2002 with a BA in Psychology and Studio Art. She now lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and travels extensively doing live painting, custom artwork, workshops, camps, and international murals.

Redemption Art Artwork

Each piece of artwork created by Redemption Art is different because each person, relationship, and community is different. Redemption Art aims to translate each unique story onto canvas. There are some common threads throughout the artwork. The artwork is often created from a black or dark-colored canvas. This is a symbolic and subtractive method; light is brought from the darkness. Often there is writing incorporated into the artwork and motivated by Scripture. Lastly, layering, rubbing, and scraping paired with skilled use of line gives the artwork its paradoxical feel of freedom and order.

Ten percent of each piece of art sold goes towards project stipends for selected people locally (Myrtle Beach area) or internationally (Haiti) that work with Redemption Art in the completion of artworks. If you have questions about Redemption Art, or you are interested in getting involved, please contact here.

Caitlin Beidler
Photo by Scott Fillmer

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